A spatial kinetic installation staging the conflicting forces of uplift and gravitation
This is a spatial kinetic installation that explores the conflicting forces of reluctant uplift and gravitational pull, acceleration and inertia. Independently moving agents are propelled along steel cables spanning a 19-meter-high room. A stage play of steadiness and drastic changes ranging from violent thrust to free fall focuses on the force of gravity around us.
Each illuminated object is propelled up and down at varying speeds; the interaction of these movements creates whirring sounds and a hypnotic light effect. The immersive installation thus transforms its surroundings into an otherworldly space that alters the spectators’ physical perception, conveying a fascinating and disorienting sense of altering gravities and forces.

Creative Direction by FELD
Art & Project Direction by Karsten Schuhl
Mechanics design by Florian Born at FELD
Made while being a part of FELD

GRAVITY was first presented in the Kraftwerk entrance hall during Berlin Atonal 2017 from 16 – 20 August. 

How GRAVITY was made:

Parts of the propelled module before assembly

Setup period at the Kraftwerk Berlin in August 2017

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