Sound Design
What is the importance and significance of sound in our visually dominated world?
Sound is an immense part of narratives, of experiences and is a highly important environmental factor to which all of us are susceptible on a a more or less conscious level.
The intentional design of soundscapes, sound based narratives and environments is a means of understanding how humans perceive the world around them and how life and understanding can be enhanced by designing for all senses rather than just for visual aesthetics.
Works and collaborations with artists such as Lea Nagano, Tobias Hoffmann, FELD, and Verena Bachl to enhance and create narratives for moving images and installations.

For a closer look: (in order of appearance)
Brainside by Tobias S. Hoffmann -
Kyosei/Coexistence by Lea Nagano -
Gold4New Teaser by TUMULT -
Concubo by Tobias S. Hoffmann -
Play as a Designtool by Verena Bachl -
and Brainside again at the end.
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