Exploring physical waves to influence sound synthesis
wave influence is an experimental prototype testing the use of camera tracking to identify the strength and pattern of water waves to control sound synthesis. Two dimensional waves travel through a body of shallow and perturb a soundscape. Their interference shapes audible moments of intersection and wave motion. Every ripple stirs and interacts with its surrounding.
This project was created within the scope of the class Arts@ML at the MIT Media Lab in Fall 2020 and is an exploration for a spatial installation in progress. For more info on the class, and other people's projects, look here.

Motorised faders hitting the water surface

Custom wave analyser interpreting wave motion as MIDI data

Fader control

Custom Fader-Clamp

Prototype setup with two cameras, 8 motorised linear faders on custom clamps (see left), dimmable high power LED, 50 x 50 xm water basin and 5mm light diffusing acrylic "projection plate"

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